Veeam cautions updating to ESXi 6.5 Update 2 and 6.7

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This will be a short update, since I am still struggling from post-VeeamON jet lag, having koala look and feel for the entire weekend. So I was contemplating to skip this one completely, but noticed something important in the unholy mess that is my Inbox after 2 weeks on the road that simply cannot wait sharing.

Long story short, we're getting users who already jumped vSphere 6.5 U2 reporting more and more issues on top of those we have already found in our own testing. So please avoid upgrading to 6.5 U2 until we had a chance to investigate those with the affected customers. The bad news is that according to one of the forum posts, you can end up with 6.5 U2 by simply using vSphere Update Manager (VUM) to install security patches – so be careful not to upgrade to 6.5 U2 unintentionally.

As I already noted here before, please don't treat 6.5 U2 as your usual vSphere update - but rather as a minor release. All previous updates were merely cumulative rollups of previously released hot patches and additional bug fixes, so their support was literally effortless for us – to the point when it became almost "automatic" from our side (as they very rarely broke anything, quick regression test became sufficient for us to declare official support). It's really the first time that VMware unexpectedly decided to introduce a number of new features as a part of an update - and of course, major code changes always drag new bugs along, which is exactly what we're seeing now.

And I would actually go as far as saying that at this time, vSphere 6.7 support timeline is much more predictable on our side than one of 6.5 U2. While we've ran into a number of different issues with both, we did put much more time and effort into 6.7 by now - not only because it was released earlier, but also because all the issues with 6.5 U2 were simply not expected...

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