IP Chicken and other handy web tools

Whether you're supporting direct end user communities or network and system administrators, the tools available to you need to be accurate, accessible and reliable.  As a group, we've pummeled our way through hundreds of online sites offering tools to meet IP networking needs.  The following are sites that have tested well for us.


The following site provides simple tasks such as Ping, Traceroute, DNS & Whois queries and many more:




This site can help in verifying MX records and testing SMTP server reachability:




The following site allows you to sanity check a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) against multiple DNS sites around the globe:




This one is unique enough to remember if you need to ascertain someone's public IP presence when they are browsing the web. 




The following sites have proven reliable in testing the Internet speed from within a given location.  Knowing broadband connectivity (DSL & Cable Modem) is asymmetrical, they each test upload and download speeds:





And if you’re simply trying to determine if a site you’re having trouble reaching is down or if it’s just you J the following site is a great resource to verify your sanity (at least for this, anyway):




Thank you for stopping by and checking out this Tips & Tricks article.  We hope you find each of them as useful as we have and stop back by (or select the RSS Feed) so you’ll know when we update this entry with additional handy web tools.




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